Quick Opinion: Uncharted 4 Open Beta

The Uncharted 4 beta has been open this weekend and many players who missed it last December, like myself, have been scrambling online to get their first taste of Uncharted 4 before its release on May 10. Having played a couple of matches, a few things stand out, even with only one run-of-the-mill mode available: Team Deathmatch. Here are some quick thoughts:

  • First off the gunplay feels more precise and focused than ever before. Running around with my AK-47 and trying to target enemies across the map didn’t do much except alert them to my position. Using cover to get the best shot off at an enemy seems more important than ever.
  • There’s now a revive function to rescue downed allies. It provides incentive for teams to actually act like a team. Plus, kills don’t count unless you actually KO an enemy or let them bleed out, so there’s a tactical advantage to getting up close and personal to an enemy.


  • A new addition to the Uncharted 4 multiplayer is the presence of in-game purchasable upgrades you can deploy during a match.  You earn money by shooting/killing enemies or picking up relics strewn across the map and the abilities depend on what loadout you choose. The general perks include the ability to summon magic powers, explosive weapons and sidekicks to turn the tide of the battle in your favour. It’s perhaps the most promising addition to the online mode yet.
  • Another brand new feature is the grappling hook which allows you to swing across crevasses and reach vantage points. It works and feels natural, although the maps on show in the beta seem a little on the small side to fully utilise it. I’m more interested to see how it is used in the main campaign.
  • Lastly on the technical side, I found myself loosing connectivity often for brief moments mid-match, usually during the most inopportune moments. I’m more likely going to chalk these issues up to my shoddy Internet but none the less, hopefully this is one of the issues Naughty Dog continues to smooth out until release.

Uncharted™ 4 Multiplayer_20151203182130

Final Thoughts: Uncharted multiplayer has always been an added bonus for me to the main campaign. In that regard, I approached the beta mostly interested in having an up close look at a few of the game’s locations before release. That having been said, I was pleasantly surprised by the new additions Naughty Dog have added to the multiplayer. If anything it looks like it will be another fine accompaniment to the main campaign, which is shaping up to be the epic swan song Nathan Drake deserves. Now if the game can stop being delayed and finally come out…