Quick Start Guide to Fire/Frost Bowazon Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R)

Quick Start Guide to the Fire/Frost Bowazon (D2R)
Quick Start Guide to Fire/Frost Bowazon Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R)
Fire/Frost Bowazon Diablo 2 Resurrected

Welcome to our Quick Start Guide To Fire/Frost Bowazon for Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R). In this guide we will be giving a simple breakdown on the Skills, Stats, Breakpoints, and Gear used in this build.

Build Synapsis

The Fire/Frost Bowazon is a dual element build. The benefits to this build are that you are less likely to get locked out of damage due to immunities in nightmare and hell. This builds main abilities are Exploding Arrow and Freezing Arrow. Another benefit is its relatively inexpensive to be efficient. Be sure to have some kind of mana replenish as this build consumes mana fast.


The following section lists the core abilities for this build.

Fire/Frost Bowazon Skill Tree
Fire/Frost Bowazon Skill Tree
  • 1 into prerequisites
  • 20 into Fire Arrow
  • 20 into Exploding Arrow
  • 20 into Freezing Arrow
  • 20 into Cold Arrow
  • 18 into Ice Arrow

Stat Points and Attributes

In this section we will be listing the stat points distribution recommended for this build.

Enough for gear
(est. 80)
Enough for gear
(Est. 150)
Everything elseNone


In this section we will list the gear for this build. This build is fairly inexpensive to be effective. The M’avina’s set is also good to use.

Main Damage Set

M’avina’s Set

Optional Starter Items


In this section we will talk about mercenary choices and gearing.

Act 2 Might/Blessed Aim/Holy Freeze Mercenary

The mercenary of choice is the Act 2 Might/Blessed Aim/Holy Freeze. The might mercenary will increase the damage of your physical shots, the Blessed aim will help you hit with your physical shots better, and the Holy freeze will help keep creatures away from you for survivability.

Best Gear

Optional Gear


In this section we will list the breakpoints for the build.

Faster Hit Recovery Breakpoints

Frames Per Action13121110987654
Faster Hit Recovery Required to Reach Breakpoint0%5%10%16%24%37%54%86%152%360%