Rainbow 6: Siege Beta Infographic and Killer Whales


As a way of thanking those who participated in the recent Rainbow 6 Siege beta the developers have put together a cool infographic gathering some interesting stats from the beta. The developers also took the time, in the graphs introduction, to ensure players that the game is still a work in progress and they are putting the information they gathered in the beta to use on balancing the game before its December 1st release date.

As for the graph it reveals some interesting stats gathered from the beta, such as the attacking team favoured the Fuze loadout, while defenders favoured the Smoke loadout. They also mention that in the closed alpha the defenders seemed to have the advantage but in the beta the advantage switched to the attackers with them wining 58% of matches and the defenders winning the remaining 42%.

Perhaps the most bizarre stat of all is that the average distance for a kill was just about the same length as a Killer Whales body – there’s something fishy about that. Anyway take a look at the graph yourself and let us know what you make of it in the comments below.


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