Rainbow Six Siege Beta Goes Live on November 25th, It’ll Cost You Around 8GB of Hard Drive Space

A few days ago we reported that the Rainbow Six Siege beta would be going live across all platforms. Ubisoft confirmed that the beta will be open for everyone to try out. Nice!

If you’re wondering what the cost of the Rainbow Six Siege beta be on your console’s hard drive, wonder no more. On PS4 it’ll run you around 7.8GB/8.7GB, depending on where you live, as confirmed by the beta’s listing on the PlayStation Network. There’s nothing on the Xbox One games store just yet, but we imagine it’ll be a similar story with Microsoft’s console.

For PC players, sorry, we’ve got nothing, though if not much has changed since the last PC beta, expect it to be around the same amount again, give or take a couple of GBs.

Rainbow Six Siege releases on December 1st for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Will you be taking part in the open beta, or are you confident enough to buy the game without giving it a test run first? Move to cover in the comments and fire off a reply.

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