Rainbow Six: Siege Has No Single-Player Campaign

Word of warning to those hoping for a meaty single-player, story-driven experience to be a part of Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege this December: temper your expectations.

We’ve all known for a while that the focus of Rainbow Six: Siege would be its online multiplayer co-op, but we did think that maybe there would still be a single-player story of sorts, kind of how Visceral did with Battlefield: Hardline.

Turns out we were wrong. Speaking with Whatculture, Ubisoft’s Scott Mitchell confirmed that the game has no single-player story.

“There is no story mode per se. You go through training, where you get to experience different operators and their devices. You can play against enemy AI in co-op through all the maps. You can customise matches, so that’s what we’re offering on the single-player side of things.”

He goes on to explain that while their isn’t a single-player mode, what is on offer for soloist’s is still a good training ground for players to enhance their skills in before going online.

“It’s a pretty good training ground, and on top or that you’re unlocking the same content as you would playing in PvP. You’re still gaining stars, renown points, and new operatives.”

Erm, thanks, but no thanks.

Rainbow Six: Siege launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC this December 1st.

Does the lack of single-player turn you off, or will you be picking up Rainbow Six: Siege anyway? Peek around the corner and shoot a comment down below.

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  1. I assumed that ubisoft would bring a single player element to the game, it has from the very beginning been a single player game. From what I have heard with it being online only. The beta is a mess, takes forever to get into a lobby. I surely hope they have some dedicated servers or this may be a mess of a launch day title

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