Rare Replay: Some Games Have Been Tweaked, 700 Hours of Gameplay and More

Rare Replay is out in just a few short days time and Xbox One owners have every right to be excited for its release. Just to re-cap: the Rare Replay is a compilation of some of Rare’s greatest games over the last thirty years. They’ve been mashed together into one handy collection to let Xbox One players see what Rare used to produce before it was purchased by Microsoft and sidelined to creating crap Kinect games.

Today, Rare were the special guests over on the ExpertZone Twitch stream where they revealed some interesting tidbits about the upcoming greatest hits compilation.

A lot of the games come from the older days of gaming, and by ‘older’ we mean old. Some games released before HD TV’s were even a thought and when CRT displays were the norm. For fans wanting to experience the older games in the most authentic fashion possible there is a CRT filter that re-created the effects of playing on an ancient telly.

It’s not all authentic, though. Some of the older games have been, in a fashion, re-worked to make them more accessible to this generation of players. Back when games were released in arcades or for older systems, there was no way to save progress. Once you turned off the machine you were essentially losing all of your progress. We didn’t really mind so much back in the day, but now we’re all spoiled with multiple game saves, auto-saving, checkpoints and the like. To help ease in players who never had to experience the pain of reaching the last level of a game only for a dick-ish sibling to reset the console, Rare has added some modern-day features to make sure players don’t have to beat their siblings within an inch of their life. Good news, too because, as far as we’re aware, jail cells don’t come with PS4’s and Xbox One’s…

Speaking again on the topic of an authentic experience, some of the older games have some brand new music created specifically for them, whereas every game’s menu has some new tunes composed by the talented Robin Beanland.

Rare Replay is due out on August 4th in North America and the UK for the Xbox One. You can pre-order your copy here.



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  1. MS dumbed down Old games gameplay ? so the games can match their supporter inteligence ? because these games was made for Kids back in the days , don’t tell me an Adult isn’t smart enough to beat these classics games , omg MS is the reason why Modern Gaming is dumbed down filled with handholding , and people support this company ? well flash news You’re a Casual Gamer and the best part is MS made a Controller for the PRos , what a scam they don’t know what PRO really means , even Tim Schaffer said that MS want games to be made for the losers

      1. oh you , have aged like shit ? maybe because You sucks with Videogames and you need Dumbed down gameplay and Handholding , STOP with the Aged Like SHit bullshit , this is an excuse as always only to appear more “Hardcore” ,but in reality You’re a Casual gamer and a Loser According to Microsoft

        Gamers Don’t want a Challenge , Gamers want a Dumbed down experience .Pathetic

        1. Nah I think you just have too big a nostalgia boner. In terms of camera and control, a lot of Rare’s games suck to nowadays standard, like Conker’s Bad Fur Day, play the original N64 release and tell me it’s a great game with a straight face – you can’t. The camera’s wonky, the level design is a mess, the game never knows what it wants to be, and the controls aren’t as smooth as Banjo, Spyro or Rayman 2 which all came before Conker.

          But nah I’m a casual dumbed down pathetic gamer because I like to think objectively with video games. Don’t let your childhood get in the way of critical thinking

  2. This collection is going to be awesome. Glad they added saves to the older games. I don’t have the time to sit and play through all the way to the end in one sitting like I did as a kid. You know, life and all that getting in the way.

    1. same old excuse right ?
      People these company are treating us like Idiots WAKE UP

      at least try to say the truth FFS , that You suck playing Videogames and you need handholding and dumbed down gameplay because you don’t know how to jump , how to search , YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY a Collection made of Old games that KIDS played back in the days and now you’re mature and you need handholding ? WOOW Stupid People


          Seriously though how does someone complain about saves in video games haha

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