Rare Replay Will Always Be an Xbox Exclusive – Is This Even Necessary?

Rare has been active on the old Twitter machine today and it had the following to say: ‘Lots of Qs about Wii U! But #RareReplay’s exclusive to Xbox One, and we’re hard at work on Sea of Thieves. Appreciate the enthusiasm though!’

There you have it, Rare Replay will always be an Xbox exclusive, and we’re honestly not sure why anyone ever thought it would be otherwise, but Nintendo fans must be craving for a shot of their old classics.

While it might make financial sense for Microsoft to release the collection for the Wii U, we can’t imagine a future in which that happens. However, it does own Mojang and allows it to sell Minecraft on non-Microsoft platforms, so Rare Replay appearing on a competitors platform is not out of the realm of possibility.

Do you want to see Rare Replay on other platforms? Of course you do! However, let us know what Rare game you’d like to replay the most, and if you’re looking forward to playing Sea of Thieves, down in the comments.

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