Red Dead Redemption 2 Listed on Rockstar Artist’s LinkedIn Profile

Do you know why we groan whenever we hear of yet another clue that Red Dead Redemption is being worked on at Rockstar Games? It’s because we already know it is. Come on. The first game made the studio trucks of cash and it was hailed as one of the best games of the Xbox 360/PS3 generation. Do you really think Rockstar would just leave it at that?

No, and neither do we. However, it is our solemn duty to report on such matters, so here’s how the story goes: an artist who has worked at Rockstar Games in the past on Grand Theft Auto V and Midnight Club: Los Angeles has also listed Red Dead Redemption 2 as one of the projects that he has been involved with.

That’s the story. Do we need it? Not really. We already know the game exists, we just need confirmation from Rockstar so that we can put this to bed. Oh, and a trailer would be dandy, too.



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