Redditor Datamines New World In-Game Shop

Redditor m4rx has datamined the Beta New World In-Game Shop. He shared his findings in this post. The In-Game Shop is a very controversial hot topic, and can affect games in extreme ways. Some key takeaways from the list are listed below, and the full list follows.

  • Many armor skins are in the list. New World staff have committed to making purchasable skins appearances on par with in-game skins that will be available. This will be an important promise to keep. If purchasable skins end up looking much better in game than obtainable gear via playing, there will be uproar from the player base.
  • Many dyes are available that will likely give players more of a pop of color.
  • There is a steam offer in this list as well. Some Redditors discuss the possibility of Amazon Prime members getting perks in game as well as an incentive to gain prime subscriptions

This list may bring more questions than answers, but here it is. The current list as of 7/29/2021 of available shop items are as follows:

New World In-Game Shop (Beta Build)

Mark of Fortunes are purchased for cash. These are expected to be the currency you use to purchase skins and in game shop items. The price of the marks are:

$4.99 for 5,000

$9,99 for 10,000

$19.99 for 23,000

$34.99 for 42,500

$49.99 for 60,000

New World Bundles

New World Starter Bundle

Playtest Bundle

Currency Bundle

Runic Weapon Bundle

New World Dyes

Lavender Consumable Dye

Crushed Berry Consumable Dye

Deep Velvet Consumable Dye

Tranquil Blossom Consumable Dye

Butterfly Wing Consumable Dye

Spring Grape Consumable Dye

Fierce Cobalt Consumable Dye

Supreme Saphire Consumable Dye

Blued Steel Consumable Dye

Hidden Stream Consumable Dye

Tradewind Consumable Dye

Angelic Satin Consumable Dye

Mantis Consumable Dye

Green Grass Consumable Dye

Forest Green Consumable Dye

Key Lime Consumable Dye

Sushi Green Consumable Dye

Blond Consumable Dye

Silt Consumable Dye

Burnt Sienna Consumable Dye

Viola Consumable Dye

Rouge Consumable Dye

Blood Consumable Dye

Bleached Cofee Consumable Dye

Sandalwood Consumable Dye

Sublime Bone Consumable Dye

Blemished Pearl Consumable Dye

Soft Coal Consumable Dye

Ship Gray Consumable Dye

White Consumable Dye

Red Dye – Consumable

Gold Dye

Gold Dye – Consumable

New World Weapon Skins

Howl at Dawn Durable Weapon Skin

Dragon’s Coil Durable Weapon Skin

Crescent Fang Durable Weapon Skin

Twin Wolves Durable Weapon Skin

Monarch’s Might Durable Weapon Skin

The Golden Colt Durable Weapon Skin

Wicked Tyrant Durable Weapon Skin

Gallantry Durable Weapon Skin

Crest of the Allsight Durable Weapon Skin

Gold Consumable Dye

Silver Consumable Dye

Ageless Bronze Consumable Dye

Fenrir’s Howl Weapon Skin

Divine Vengeance Weapon Skin

Durable Weapon Skin

Fire & Brimstone Durable Weapon Skin

Harmonic Restoration Durable Weapon Skin

New World Armor Skins

Runic Bear Durable Armor Skin

Runic Jackal Durable Armor Skin

Runic Fox Durable Armor Skin

Suncourt Regalia Durable Armor Skin

Jester’s Delight Durable Armor Skin

Death’s Coronation Durable Armor Skin

Treesplitter Durable Armor Skin

Durable Armor Skin

Righteous Guardian Durable Armor Skin

Cambion Husk Durable Armor Skin

New World Emotes

Coin Toss Durable Emote

Eyes on You Durable Emote

Courteous Applause Durable Emote

Thumbs Durable Emote

Arm Flex Emote


A Steam MTX offer used for local development testing

A cool crest


Lumberjack MTX Outfit

Rainbow Tiger Durable House Pet

Galaxy Rabbit Durable House Pet

icon_crest_178 Durable Crest

icon_crest_90 Durable Crest

New World_ Icon Crest Pack Smugglers

New World – Icon Crest Pack Smugglers

There is much to be assumed with the list of game shop items. This list could definitely change before the official release, but it is how it stands at the time of writing.

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