Reminder: Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season is Available Free with Games With Gold Today

One minor criticism we have with Microsoft’s Games With Gold service is that you can’t just download the month’s goodies in one go. Instead they’re released in a staggered fashion which leads to a bit of confusion.

We’re not going to be too harsh, though, as this month has brought some stellar games. The latest to become available through the service is Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season. As expected, you get all five episodes in the thrilling narrative driven game for free. Nada. Nowt. So long as you have a current Xbox Live Gold subscription.

It’ll cost you 4.65GB of hard drive space, though, so make sure there’s ample room on your Xbox One to get the most of it.

Enjoying this month’s Games With Gold? Which has been your go-to game this month? Comments down in the comments section below.

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