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Renegade Kid wants to get Physical

Renegade Kid is a development team that was founded in 2007, they’re behind many games three of which include ATV: Wild Ride, Mutant Mudds and Xeodrifter. Up until now all of their releases have been strictly distributed digitally, however it seems they want to change that and have some of their games put on physical 3DS carts and shipped off to the shops so that customers can get their greasy mitts all over their goodies.

The studio head, Jools Watsham, over at Renegade Kid had this to say on Twitter: “Renegade Kid would love to release some/all of our 3DS games in a box on a retail cart. Any publishers interested in partnering with us?”


It seems that for the time being Renegade Kid will be staying exclusively digital, unless a publisher is willing to partner up and help them out. Most of their games are relatively short so it’s unlikely that any one will be released in retail, but perhaps a collection of a few of their best games would justify Renegade Kid moving into the physical marketplace.

mutant mudds

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