Resident Evil 0 Release Date & Pricing Announced for Europe With Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed; Screens Inside

Resident Evil 0 will be resurrected on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PC on January 19th, as announced by Capcom today via press release. The game, which comes with fully enhanced visuals, sound effects, and other little touches to bring it into the 21st century, will be available digitally for EUR 19.99/GBP 15.99.

For that somewhat hefty price, you’ll get more than just a fresh lick of paint, as the game also comes with an alternate control system that should be a bit more familiar for modern gamers. Added to that is the new Wesker Mode, which is basically a challenge mode where you’ll play as the antagonist of the series while mooching around the mansion doing little tasks.

Those who pre-order (because when was the last time a digital game went out of stock?) will receive an exclusive costume pack which sees Billy dressed up as one of the Wolf Force posse, with Rebecca as a… C’mon, let’s all have a groan – a cheerleader. Though for those who like their characters to be dressed a little more self-aware, there’s also a Resident Evil 0 t-shirt for Rebecca. Unfortunately, Xbox 360 owners won’t be getting access to these bonuses, though there’s no explanation why.

Additionally, Resident Evil 0 will be available as part of the Resident Evil Origins Collection, which releases on January 22nd.

Below are a bunch of new screenshots to have a gander at, so go ahead and gander.