Resident Evil 6 Download Size Revealed for Xbox One

Resident Evil 6 is one of Capcom’s better games in the series, or at least that’s what your humble host thinks, so it didn’t evoke any “ugh, really, another re-release?” from this guy. Still, some aren’t too keen on remasters and re-releases.

The point is, Resident Evil 6 is being released on Xbox One and PS4 after a successful run on the older machine. As space is a precious commodity with the next-gen consoles (seriously, they should have shipped with 2TB, minimum) it’s always good to get an idea as to how much hard drive space a game will take up upon release.

The Japanese Xbox games webpage has in fact revealed the download size for Resident Evil 6 on Xbox One (known locally in Japan as Biohazard 6) and the good news is that it’s not an obscenely large download. In total, the game should only take up just over 17GB of precious hard drive space. However, this is just for the Japanese version of the Xbox One edition of the game, so it’s likely that there will be a few gigs difference between the Japanese edition and the Western releases. There’s also the possibility that the PS4 release will differ slightly to the Xbox One’s version. Still, good to know, innit?

resi evil 6 japan