Rethramis Border Vista Locations

Find all the Vista Spots in this area! Follow the green circle to see its scenic beauty!
Rethramis Border vista lost ark

Statue of the Goddess & Rethramis Border Monastery

In this article you will find a map for any of the Lost Ark Vista Spots in the Rethramis Border map. Vistas are scenic areas of the game where if you obtain them, you can look back on the memories of these beautiful landscapes. They also happen to be a vital collectible in order to complete you Adventurer’s Tome. You can earn some great rewards from these Adventurer’s Tomes including extra skill points to spend.

At The Games Cabin, you can find all of our Vistas maps by using the search function, or by browsing the Lost Ark Vista Category. As new content is released and more maps and Vistas are added, we will continue to dedicate our time to updating with new maps as they are released.

Vista Location lost ark
Vista Location

Rethramis Border Vista Locations Map

In the Rethramis Border map you can find Vista Points where we have included a green circle in the map below. This is a screenshot of the in-game map for this area and we have provided the exact location, as well as any special instructions on how to get there if needed.

Rethramis Border vista lost ark
Rethramis Border Vista

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