Return To Monkey Island Part Five: Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Return To Monkey Island Part Five is the finale of the game. Return To Monkey Island is exactly what Guybrush must do, as that is the only place the Secret can be opened. The race to catch LeChuck and the pirate leaders is on, so Guybrush can discover the Secret before they do. Here are the steps you need to take to complete Return To Monkey Island Part Five.

Return To Monkey Island Part Five: The Chase

Part Five begins with Guybrush and Elaine back on Monkey Island. They make their way through the jungle and to the giant monkey head. The head is open, so descend down below the island. You will meet Wally, who is shackled up. If you inspected the shackles on LeChuck’s ship before and had a key made, you can free him now for a handy achievement.

Regardless, follow the path to the right to continue. Eventually, you will come to a ledge. Drop off the ledge to certain lava death, only to find you actually land on a platform. Go through the door ahead and downstairs to the first of a series of puzzles.

Return To Monkey Island Part Five: First Puzzle

The first puzzle is a series of rooms that go around in a circle, each one with a monkey statue. Each of the statues is posed as if they are holding something, but the items are missing. Each one requires an item you currently have.

Give the jolly monkey the empty grog mug, give the squinting monkey your monocles, the frustrated monkey needs a knife, then give a cracker to the monkey with a parrot. Once you do, the door to the stairs will open and you can go down. Before you leave, go back around and take back your items, you will need some of them later.

As you are going through these rooms, check the floors. There are pebbles you can pick up, which Guybrush remarks look like pieces of eight. There are four of them on this level, grab them then head back to the first room to go downstairs.

Return To Monkey Island Part Five: Second Puzzle

The second puzzle has three monkey statues, each with a treasure chest in front of them. The first is the captain, who has the largest chest. The second is the first swab, and the last one is a cabin monkey with the smallest chest. In front of the captain statue, there is another pebble on the ground. Pick that up, and you will now have five pebbles.

To solve the puzzle, you need to put the most pebbles in the captain’s chest, the second most in the first swab’s chest, and the least into the cabin monkey’s chest. You cannot do this with only five pebbles, however, you still have one coin in your coin purse. Including that coin, you have six in total. So put three coins/pebbles in the captain’s chest, two in the first swab’s chest, and then give your last coin to the cabin monkey. Doing so will open the door to the next set of stairs.

Return To Monkey Island Part Five: Third Puzzle

The third puzzle is a bit grim. There are three monkey statues, each one looking quite injured. The third statue is broken, which necessitates some creative thinking. For the first two monkey statues, you need to use your knife to cut them. An oil-like liquid will pour out and down into the drain.

For the third room, use the mug to collect some of the liquid from one of the first two statues. Then pour the liquid into the drain beneath the third statue to open the door. Go downstairs to see LeChuck leave through a door, which is then blocked by a giant wheel.

Return To Monkey Island Part Five: Wheel Puzzle

To open the door, you need to solve the puzzle of the wheel. It has two sections, an inner and outer ring, and there is a button in the middle with a number written on it. The two rings of the circle have drawings of faces on them. You need to line up the two parts of the correct face with the arrow above the circle, and input the correct number on the button.

To learn these things, go back the way you came in. Each of the three doors you had to open with the statue puzzles has something above it. One door has the correct number, the other two have the top and bottom halves of the face. Use these to input the correct answer into the wheel, but we are not done yet as the wheel will not move.

As it happens, there is a little more to this puzzle. If you go down to the right of the wheel, you will see a rock in the lava. Read the rock, as it says:

“After 4 extra years out at sea,

their peglegs grew weak in the knees,

3 steps right but 2 left,

till they fell off the deck and they met Davy Jones for some tea.”

This is a code for what you need to do with the wheel next. Four extra years pertains to the number, which you probably noticed is a four-digit number much like a year. Press the button four times to get the correct answer. Then, three steps right but two left refers to turning the wheel. The outer wheel rotates clockwise, or to the right, and the inner wheel counter-clockwise. As such, you need to turn the outer wheel three times, and turn the inner wheel twice. Do so to complete the puzzle and open the door.

Return To Monkey Island Part Five: The End

With that, we have reached the end of the journey. No spoilers here, as there is nothing left that requires guidance. The only thing to note is, you must use Stan’s keys on the switches. Beyond that, the game is done and the Secret is found.

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