Rimelash – New World Epic Ice Gauntlet Quest

What is Rimelash in New World and where can you find it?
Rimelash – New World Epic Ice Gauntlet Quest
The Wanderer’s greatest triumph, the herald of Forever Winter resting in the palm of one’s hand.

Rimelash“ is an Epic Ice Gauntlet in Amazon Games MMORPG: New World. Follow the guide below to find out how to get it. There are many Epic Ice Gauntlets that exist in the game. Epic Ice Gauntlets are found from slain enemies, in chests, crafted from recipes, and quests or a series of quest chains in order to obtain that weapon.

Rimelash – Epic Ice Gauntlet At 580 Gear Score

Rimelash  – New World Epic Ice Gauntlet Quest
Courtesy of https://nwdb.info/
  • 580 Gear Score
  • 56 Base Damage
  • 3.0% Critical Hit Chance
  • 1.3 Critical Damage Multiplier
  • 44.0 Block Stamina Damage
  • 44.0 Stagger Damage
  • 30% Block Stability
  • 161 Ice Damage

Perks on Rimelash in New World

  • 9 Dexterity
  • 19 Intelligence
  • Empty Gem Socket: An empty socket for a gem.
  • Chain Ice: Basic attack hits trigger a Ice chain that bounces between close targets. (2s Cooldown)
  • Mortal Refreshment: When you kill something reduce all cooldowns by -5%. (5s cooldown.)

How To Get Rimelash in New World

Where can you find Rimelash? Rimelash is a reward from a Level 60 quest of the name Hand of Hoarfrost. Players will need to be Level 60 and have their Ice Gauntlet Mastery at Level 20. Players will also need to complete the prerequisite quest Madaki’s Stratagem and all side quests in the Great Cleave in order for this to become available.

Jennifer Heatley is the quest giver; they’re located Southwest of Eastburn in the Great Cleave Region.

Jennifer Heatley location Rimelash  – New World Epic Ice Gauntlet Quest
Jennifer Heatley location courtesy of https://www.newworld-map.com/#/
Jennifer Heatley location Rimelash  – New World Epic Ice Gauntlet Quest
Jennifer Heatley location courtesy of https://www.newworld-map.com/#/

There are 8 Quests to complete within the Hand of Hoarfrost questline. They are:

  • Blood in the Snow – Svikin’s Stand, Great Cleav
  • Aeternum’s Icy Crown – Myrkgard, Shattered Mountain
  • Wintry Boons – Malevolence, Eden Grove
  • Frozen Heart – Scorpius, Morningdale
  • Forged in Frost – Caminus, Shattered Mountain
  • Chilling Spectres – Periville, Weaver’s Fen
  • Rebels On Ice – Stone Skull Fort, Cutlass Keys
  • Frostbitten Fighters – Eridanus, Restless Shore

Once players complete these quests head to Ranger Eintou Madaki to turn in Hand of Hoarfrost.

Here is YouTuber theRaekwOn completing the questline and showing off their shiny new Ice Gauntlet, Rimelash.

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