Rimelash – New World Legendary Ice Gauntlet Quest

rimelash quest new world legendary ice gauntlet

What is the Rimelash Ice Gauntlet?

Rimelash is a Legendary Ice Gauntlet in New World. In this article we go over how to get the Rimelash and what the requirements are. It is one of the many Legendary Ice Gauntlets that exist in the game. Some of these are dropped by enemies, others are in chests, some are crafted recipes, and some are quest lines to craft a specific weapon.

Rimelash Stats At 580 Gear Score

  • 580 Gear Score
  • 56 Base Damage
  • 3.0% Critical Hit Chance
  • 1.3 Critical Damage Multiplier
  • 44.0 Block Stamina Damage
  • 44.0 Stagger Damage
  • 30% Block Stability
  • 161 Ice Damage
  • 9 Dexterity
  • 19 Intelligence

Perks on Legendary Rimelash

Empty Gem Socket: An empty socket for a gem.
Chain Ice: Basic attack hits trigger a Ice chain that bounces between close targets. (2s Cooldown)
Mortal Refreshment: When you kill something reduce all cooldowns by -5%. (5s cooldown.)
Siphoning Blow: You gain 2.7% mana per hit. (cooldown 10s). Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.

Some have reported a bug where Rimelash will only turn out to be Epic quality, and will not have Siphoning Blow as a perk. Be aware that this is a current bug and may happen to you.

How To Get Rimelash in New World

The Legendary Rimelash Ice Gauntlet is a quest reward from “Hand of Hoarfrost“. For this quest, you must gather the components to make the Legendary Ice Gauntlet Rimelash. You must be level 60 and have Ice Gauntlet Mastery level 20 in order to get this quest. You will also need to have completed the Madaki’s Stratagem questline. If you have satisfied all of these requirements, then pick this quest up at Jennifer Heatley, located in the Great Cleave.

Jennifer Heatley Location new world
Jennifer Heatley Location

If you haven’t yet completed the Madaki’s Strategem questline, pick up the first quest in the series, called “Shadows Cast By a Final Salute”, from James Sexton in Great Cleave.

James Sexton Location new world
James Sexton Location
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