Rise of the Tomb Raider Won’t Have Multiplayer

Crystal Dynamics did a grand job with bringing Lara Croft back to the forefront of gaming with Tomb Raider, and it looks as if the studio’s next installment will be even better – at least from what we’ve seen so far.

One of the few let-downs with Tomb Raider was its tacked on multiplayer which just didn’t feel like it belonged next to the great campaign that the game offered. Sure some people found joy in it, but for most it was a one-time-only deal that just didn’t stick.

Thankfully, then, it looks like Crystal Dynamics has heard its fan base loud and clear and has cut multiplayer from Rise of the Tomb Raider to maintain the focus on the single-player campaign, as revealed in Official Xbox Magazine.

Is it a bad thing that the multiplayer has been ditched? Not really, but it will put it at a disadvantage with the tired and pointless debate of Uncharted 4 v Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Rise of the Tomb Raider will release this November 10th in North America and November 13th for UK and Europeans and will be available on Xbox One and Xbox 360. PS4 and PC players will be able to get their hands on Lara in the backend of 2016.

Happy to see that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be a single-player only game, or were you one of the 17 people that enjoyed Tomb Raider’s multiplayer?

Special thanks to AGB for pointing this one out. Not so thankful that I’ve had to go digging through magazines and newspapers in my recycling bin.

  1. I’m glad that MP is not available for Rise of the Tomb Raider. Please let there be no multiplayer campaigns in future TR titles also. MP and TR don’t click. Some franchises can still be successful without any multiplayer. Let Tomb Raider be that example.

    1. Preach it. I’m tired of having mp tacked onto every sp focused franchise in existence. Especially considering the adverse is happening where games like Star Wars Battlefront are foregoing sp campaigns entirely, let’s allow for a future where sp focused titles do the same. Kinda tired of campaigns slowly becoming shorter & shorter in favor of an mp that I’ll never personally touch. Hopefully this will allow Rise of the Tomb Raider to have the largest & most focused campaign in the series to date. Really looking forward to it personally.

      1. I wish they’d release SP and MP separately at half the price for each, if someone wants both they’re still paying the normal price and everyone’s happy

        1. That’s an interesting proposition. I would absolutely love that. I’ve got so many games on my shelf with mps i never touched. I would save so much money if devs ever took that route haha. It’s an intangible prospect really but it always bums me out when I play an sp focused game that includes mp but the actual campaign is short & underwhelming because I always wonder whether or not the campaign could’ve been better if they didn’t spend resources on an mp. I’d assume it applies the same way for mp gamers that never touch a campaign. Maybe if they split them up like you suggested we could have the best of both worlds for all gamers and devs could properly focus on each piece in separate teams.

      2. Exactly. I’m really glad the SP is being the focus this time and they’re bringing back the things that made this franchise great in the first place as well.

  2. I guess now I will have to put this game in the back burner after this article. Can’t see my self paying full price for a single player game.

      1. It’s was good to play, not the best but I was expecting to improve upon the last version. $60 for a one time ride to me is a deal breaker.

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