Rocket League to get Free Deadmau5 DLC

Are you a fan of vehicular based football game Rocket League? Are you also a fan of dubstep? What if someone were to tell you that the two could be combined in some way? Well prepare for an earth-shattering revelation, because that is exactly what is happening this February, as Rocket League gets updated with Deadmau5 content.

Yes, the trademark mouse hat will become a topper and antenna which excitable players can affix to their car to make it all pretty.

deadmau5 rocket league

Deadmau5 has, of course, made a number of game tie-ins. Particularly zealous fans will remember that he performed at the 2015 Game Awards and was also in Goat Simulator. Deadmau5 has often used game motifs in his music, and his songs have been used for a number of game trailers, and he even collaborated on the soundtrack for Project Cars.

Rocket League’s February update will also be the last of this “season”, and according to devs, season 2 will feature a slew of new features such as new divisions, playlist tags “and more.”¬†Rocket League is available now for PS4 and PC, and an Xbox One version will be arriving sometime in February.

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