Rope Racers Hits Android After 1,000,000 Downloads on iOS

Android and iOS mobile games may not be the biggest part of a gamers diet, but like with human food a varied selection of digestible goods are required to sustain you through the day; you can’t exactly lug your Xbox One or PS4 around on the bus.

Rope Racers is actually a bit of a guilty please/obsession of your’s truly here, and it’s become the go-to app for journeys to and from work. It’s been out on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) for a little over a week and has already amassed 1,000,000 downloads, one of which were from the chump writing this news article.

The good news is that it’s now out on Android devices, so for those of you who deny Apple your cash, you can now get racing on your Android phone or tablet.

Rope Racers is a silly little game where you have to race by swinging from rope. Sounds simple but it’s actually quite difficult until you get the hand of the game’s physics, but once you do it’s a neat little time waster – plus it’s free, and who doesn’t love free?