Rumor – Microsoft To Enter The Handheld Gaming Market?

Late last month Microsoft released their first entry into the cluttered tablet market with the Surface range of tablets.

It’s now being rumored that Microsoft is developing a secret 7 inch gaming tablet named “Xbox Surface.”

According to sources who have passed on information to, the tablet will be a dedicated gaming device with additional features that are standard in today’s tablets, messaging, browser etc.

At the moment this is all rumor and hearsay as there is no official confirmation from Microsoft.

Let’s just say for argument’s sake that it is true, would it be a worthwhile purchase? The concept of playing console quality games is not an old one and is currently being pushed by mobile developers with varying degrees of success.

The only true handhelds currently on the market are the PS Vita and Nintendo DS/3DS and they are the favorite for full on gaming experiences for two simple reasons:

The games being made are of high quality

Physical buttons and analog sticks

Tablet and phone gaming has come along, but without physical controllers it’s a detached experience, and even if it’s Halo on a tablet you just wont get the same feeling as playing with physical controls.

Would you buy into the Microsoft “Xbox Surface” gaming tablet? Or would you rather a PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS?