Rumour: Activision Looking Into Take Two Acquisition

Here’s a rumour that’s bound to send a chill down the spine of gamers; Activision are looking to make a deal that would see them takeover Take Two, Rockstar’s parent company.

Coming from industry analyst Mike Hickey, this isn’t the most solid of rumours so breathe easy for the time being.

Hickey reckons that Activision is interested in getting their hands on the GTA franchise as well as making a move into the motion-picture industry, something that could easily be done with a GTA movie should they acquire the intellectual property.

As well as the movie-making side, there’s the possibility of annualising Rockstar’s most popular franchise, as well as Borderlands and the other properties that rest in Take Two’s portfolio.

However, this is just speculation for the time being but with every rumours comes a snippet of truth…

Activision are best known for the long running Call of Duty series and World of Warcraft MMO, as well as numerous movie tie-in games.

This isn’t the first time such a rumour has come around, in fact back in 2008 EA actually made an offer but were rejected by Take Two and EA decided to slink away empty-handed.


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