Rumour: Black Tusk’s New Gears of War To Utilize The Xbox One Cloud?

Black Tusk Studios are currently developing a brand new Gears of War game, though for which platform we can’t be certain for, it could well be just for the Xbox One, though there are some links that suggest it could be a cross-platform release.

Either way, we’re pumped for another adventure in the post-apocalyptic future world of Gears of War, even if we’ve been left a teeny bit let down by the last effort.

That said, Black Tusk seem to be intent on making the best Gears of War game possible and it may even be getting a kick up the rear from the fabled Xbox One Cloud, which up to this point in time has remained fairly redundant.

A job posting on the official Microsoft website for a Senior Software Engineer reads:


– Work with project leads to design, implement and support reliable, secure, and scalable backend web services in support of public-facing online applications

– Work closely with design and production teams to realize application functionality

– Make architectural recommendations for performance and stability and security

– Analyze feature designs and devise technical solutions

– Develop deployment process and mechanisms

– Develop and implement stress testing plans and technologies


– Minimum 3 years professional experience writing C# code.

– Well-developed understanding of object oriented design principles and ability to meaningfully communicate their usage.

– Experience with modern web technologies. For example: ASP.NET, IIS, WebAPI, RESTful services, streaming media.

– Minimum 5+ years’ experience building online services for web or game applications.

– Experience supporting a live service with frequent refreshes of content and code.

Experience architecting scalable server solutions to support high-traffic and high-bandwidth loads.

– Experience with planning for secure online deployments and operations.

– Experience with modern web analytics and data-driven product evolution.

Experience developing, deploying and supporting applications on the Microsoft Azure platform.

– Able to demonstrate knowledge of solid software engineering practices, experience with SCRUM / agile based methodologies a plus.

– Self-starter who works well within a creative team.

– Must be able to complete tasks in a timely manner.

– Dynamic problem solver.

– BSc. degree in Computing Science, or equivalent experience.

As you can see from the highlighted sections there’s a fair amount of evidence to suggest that the new Gears of War will be supported by Microsoft’s cloud-computing service Azure, though at this point we can’t be 100% sure, so for the time being it’s sitting in the rumour barrel just waiting to be proven right or wrong.

Bear in mind that the highly touted cloud-computing that Microsoft spoke so highly of during the original Xbox One reveal doesn’t necessarily have to involve what you see on the screen, though it’s entirely possible that Black Tusk will be using the cloud to boost the on-screen happenings, it’s also just as likely that they’ll use it to deal with the multiplayer component of the game.

Looking forward to another Gears of War? Tell us why in the comment section below.

via Microsoft Careers


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