Rumour: Call of Duty For PS Vita Coming This Year

callofdutypsvita2013After last years abysmal Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, fans have been wondering whether we’ll ever seen another Call of Duty for PS Vita.

It seems we may, as Spanish retailer ZMart has ‘Call of Duty 2013‘ listed for the PS Vita with an estimated release date of November 30th of this year.

At the moment, we’re placing this one in the rumour file and keeping it there until there’s some solid information. It’s entirely possible that the retailer has just placed the listing on the assumption that another Call of Duty for PS Vita will be released alongside the annual console release, which is rumoured to be Call of Duty: Ghosts.


Hopefully Activision will be releasing another Call of Duty for PS Vita. Black Ops Declassified was a mess in all honesty and I think even Activision knows it, but it is one of the top-selling titles for the Sony handheld so a decent offering would do wonders for Activision’s bank balance as well as keep the PS Vita crowd happy with another first-person shooter.

Even if it turns out to be false, there’s still Killzone: Mercenary to look forward to later this year on the PS Vita. It’s currently set to release on September 17th, incidentally the same date that Grand Theft Auto V comes out.

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Would you like to see another Call of Duty for PS Vita? What would you like to see, a port of the console version or a standalone title?

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  1. No, I’d rather not see another Call of Duty game at all for any system. But, if that’s the case, the same should go for Street Fighter, and Lord knows I eat them up like candy. I will say this: If it does come to be true, and Activision releases a good, maybe even a great, product, I will buy it.
    Leading up to the game’s release, it just spelled disaster. No one knew who was making the game, little to no news was released about it (seriously, no information until, like, 3 months before it was released, like they were ASHAMED of themselves) when we did get screenshots, the game looked rushed and highly unpolished… Let’s just say i avoided it like the plague. Any game after a disaster like CoD: BLOPS:D, I’m going to wait for reviews.

    1. Generally, I’d agree but as it’s the PS Vita, I wouldn’t mind seeing a DECENT Call of Duty if it puts more Vita’s in peoples hands and giving the publishers/developers more reasons to show the Vita some love with quality games. Plus, a bit of online shooting every now and then is alright, in small doses…

      1. Oh, I like online shooting just fine. that’s what Killzone’s for. LOL. But a decent entry would be letting Activision off the hook too easily. I’d need something more than just decent.

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