Rumour: Call of Duty Won’t Get a New Game in 2023

Replaced by a free-to-play online version, apparently
call of duty 2023

Replaced by a free-to-play online version, apparently

Each and every year we’re treated to a new Call of Duty game, and although the quality has been up and down over the years, the series has been a mainstay of the gaming calendar for close to 20 years.

According to sources that have spoken to Bloomberg, Activision is set to rock the boat by delaying Call of Duty 2023 into 2024, marking the first time in almost 20 years that a new Call of Duty game has not sat among store shelves – or the sales charts – at Christmas time.

The reason? Apparently, it’s because the top-brass think a new Call of Duty game each and every year isn’t a good idea – something fans and commentators have been saying for, well, almost 20 years, too.

According to Bloomberg’s source, last year’s release, Call of Duty: Vanguard, didn’t live up to expectations internally. That’s a sentiment shared by players and critics, too, with many middle-of-the-road reviews, including our own.

There’s also the fact that the free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone is massively popular, and it may have led to some players choosing to skip the annual release and just stick with the cheap and cheerful option that is Warzone. Why plonk down $70/£60 when there’s a free option already out there?

To plug the hole left by Call of Duty 2023 being delayed into 2024, Activision will reportedly release a new free-to-play offering. Lock and load your wallets for a barrage of microtransactions!

Source: Bloomberg