Rumour: Dead Space 4 Cancelled, Poor Dead Space 3 Sales To Blame

dead-space-4-cancelledAccording to an anonymous source, Dead Space 4 has been cancelled, the reason being that Dead Space 3 failed to meet sales targets set by EA.

The anonymous source revealed to Videogamer that EA bosses stepped in and cancelled the project last month, informing Visceral Games, the developers of the franchise that they were to go no further with Dead Space 4 and informed them of internal restructuring.

It’s always a shame to hear that a game has been cancelled, though in this case, it’s probably for the best. With EA pushing consumers further away with the introduction of micro-transactions in their games, something that was lambasted by players of Dead Space 3, it’s hard to care about a company with such shady business practices.

The original Dead Space was a thrilling horror/survival game that dished out the frights whilst remaining fun and enjoyable, sadly the latter two in the series were geared more towards the everyday gamer with more action and shooting, as well as co-op and micro-transactions.

So, once again, EA has screwed another franchise and developer with their obsession with squeezing us for more cash. Sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it?

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Source: Videogamer

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  1. visceral denies these rumors as ‘patently false’, which is good, because Dead Space 3 has only been out for, like, a month. It’d be a shame to discount it so quickly. But then, it is EA…

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