Rumour: DICE LA’s Unannounced Game To Feature “Realistic” Creatures, Possibly Bad Company 3?

The Los Angeles arm of the EA owned DICE studios is currently working on a top-secret title, and while there’s not a lot known about the mysterious game, (read as: nothing) we do have a couple of snippets that may hint towards the nature of the upcoming project.

A recent employment opportunity advert (thanks for the tip Celo!) reveals that DICE LA’s game will be action-orientated, possibly within the military genre.

Take a look down below at the job posting where we’ve highlighted some of the more interesting aspects for your convenience. Lovely, right?

We are now looking for an experienced Senior Animator to play a crucial role in tying together gameplay and storytelling through the use of character movement. You will collaborate with creative and passionate team members within DICE Los Angeles and have fun doing so!

As a Senior Character Artist you will be responsible for modeling characters that enhance the art direction and overall vision of the game.

Work task examples:

  • Assist in character concept and design
  • Sculpt high-resolution characters
  • Create clean game topology, UV’s and textures
  • Deliver feedback to outsourcing partners
  • Character renders for marketing
  • Reference photo shoots

Skills We Look For:

  • Ability to create realistic humanoid or creature models
  • Excellent understanding of anatomy, weight and silhouette
  • Strong Maya or similar 3D modeling software
  • Expert sculpting
  • Expert texture creation
  • Understanding of rigging and skinning
  • Military gear & hardware knowledge a plus
  • Basic knowledge of optimization
  • Eye for lighting, shade, color and detail
  • Basic knowledge in photography
  • Game experience a plus
  • Life drawing a plus

Going on what can be drawn from the above, it’s hard to imagine that it’s not a military game. The main DICE studio in Sweden is currently in the midst of developing Star Wars Battlefront, as well as aiding Visceral Games with the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline, with Mirrors Edge also taking up a chunk of the studios’ time.

So what could DICE LA be working on? It’s possible that it’s Battlefield: Bad Company 3, – something fans have been screaming for since Bad Company 2 released. Then again, it’s entirely plausible that DICE LA is starting work on the next regular installment in the Battlefield franchise. The Battlefield games have traditionally all been developed by DICE’s main Swedish studio that gave birth to the Battlefield franchise, so whether it would allow the next major sequel to be developed by another team is another plausible question.

Our bet? Bad Company 3 with even better dogs than Call of Duty: Ghosts and better yet – smarter fish AI.

Until we can give you some solid info as to what the game will be, this one’s going in the rumour file. Let’s hope we can re-categorise it sooner than later!

What do you think? Do you reckon DICE LA are working on Bad Company 3? Or do you suppose they’re being given the sequel to Battlefield 4? Let us know what you think down in the comments below.

  1. When you read “creatures” your association is Battlefield? This is probably about BattleFRONT. Aliens and shit.

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