Rumour: GTA V Gameplay Screenshot Leaked

gtavscreen2According to an online post on the GTA V forums, a screenshot of some in-game action has been leaked.

The user going under the name ‘We ti terun’ posted an image of what looks to be a genuine in-game screenshot from the upcoming GTA V from Rockstar.

What’s a little odd is that the image hasn’t been removed (correct at time of writing) from the forums, so maybe Rockstar orchestrated this “leak” to build up more buzz for GTA V, if that’s even possible…

You can check out the image below:


It looks to be some sort of boat (duh,) though maybe a submersible? That would be a first for the series, and a pretty cool addition if I say so myself.

As I said before, the image looks to be the real deal and if it is indeed genuine, it’s looking great and we can’t wait to see it in action for ourselves. As for who posted it, we’ve no idea.

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What do you reckon? Real or fake? Leaked or planned? Wanting some real GTA V gameplay videos/images? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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