Rumour: GTA V Los Santos City Stories In The Works?

Since GTA V released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 we’ve all been wondering when we’d see some meaty single-player DLC. We’ve had a plethora of multiplayer-related download content but as of yet we’re still waiting on Rockstar to trump GTA IV’s Episodes from Liberty City DLC.

How does Los Santos City Stories sound? Nice? Well it may be on its way.

This isn’t just mindless drivel either, there’s actually some decent hints that Rockstar wants to continue the ‘City Stories’ line of GTA games.

Rockstar’s parent company – TT Interactive – are currently going through the process of re-securing the trademark for ‘City Stories,’ indicating that they still have a use for the two little words. Whilst this may not seem like a big deal, the fact that Take Two are actively working to keep ‘City Stories’ trademark is a good sign.

PS Vita players in particular have been begging for a GTA release since the console was first released and it seemed like it was something we’d actually see. Rockstar were one of the many developers revealed to be working bringing games to the PS Vita, though we’ve yet to see anything of note from the world-renowned developer. Oh yeah, the GTA V companion app. Great.

That being said, not all hope is lost. We’ve previously reported that the team behind the PSP iterations of Liberty City and Vice City Stories are working on something, quite possibly a PS Vita game.

We’ve also speculated that Rockstar may be ready to port GTA San Andreas to the Vita after noticing that the recent re-release on the Xbox 360 was an updated port of the Android and iOS release.

So maybe a Los Santos City Stories isn’t so far fetched after all. We’ve emailed Rockstar to see if they’ll confirm anything. Not holding our breath on that one though…

What do you reckon? Los Santos City Stories a possibility? Or would you prefer a San Andreas City Stories? Mosey on down to the comments and pop a cap in the comments, busta.

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