Rumour: GTA V For PS4, Xbox One & PC Delayed Until Spring 2015

GTA V delayed ps4
Not another delay rumour…

Last week we reported that GTA V for PS4, Xbox One and PC was on track to release this November, as per its official release window, even Rockstar stated that there were no delays.

However, Australian retailer Big W has issued an apology to customers and has stated that the title will be delayed until ‘Spring 2015.’ Whether this is accurate, we don’t know hence the ‘rumour’ tag.


That’s not all. Online retailer Newegg has also pushed back the release for GTA V for PS4, Xbox One and the PC, not as far back as Spring 2015, but instead December 31st.

Is there something these particular outlets know that we don’t? Or are they just being overly cautious to prevent possible consumer backlash should GTA V be delayed on the next-gen home consoles and PC.

Amazon UK however has completely removed any date linked to the title, but are still accepting pre-orders for the PS4 version of GTA V as well as the Xbox One port.

Had enough of hearing of delays? So have we…

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