Rumour: Guerrilla’s New Game Will Feature Dino Mechs & A Ginger Lady

According to a couple of supposedly leaked images from a Chinese website, Guerilla’s new I.P is code named Horizon and will feature mechanical dinosaurs and apparently a ginger lady.

Whether these images are genuine, we can’t be sure, but they sure do look impressive, showing off two different environments, one the in what appears to be a forest and the other a snowy mountain side.

Check out the images below:



They certainly look professional, but we can’t really be sure that they’re genuine until Guerrilla Games says so. We’ve emailed their PR team and will update if/when we get a response.

Rumours about Guerrilla’s new intellectual property have been circulating for a while, with some sources claiming that the title will be an open-world RPG. Again, we don’t really know as Guerrilla have been holding their cards close to their chest.

What do you reckon? Fantastic fakery or gorgeously genuine? Post a comment down below.

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