Rumour: Next Xbox Focusing On Cable TV & Apps

xbox-720Super Mario hasn’t been doing a good job as resident video game plumber, there are leaks everywhere!

OK, excuse the terrible and practically unforgivable pun, but another leak regarding the Next Xbox and it’s features has come out and it’s not looking good at all.

Sources have revealed to The Verge that the Next Xbox will require an “always-on” internet connection to interact with your existing cable TV, providing an overlying interface and merging the two into one, basically taking over your television.

In addition, the sources state that the Kinect will be able to track multiple people in the room as well as track the eye movements of those people, allowing the console to pause the media when the viewer is looking away.

This is all rumour at this point until we get some solid information from Microsoft, which is rumoured (again) to be in May when the company officially reveals the Next Xbox. Still, these rumours are coming from every direction and whilst there might be some bogus claims being thrown around, it’s hard to ignore the possibility of some being true.

Previous rumours have suggested that the Kinect will be able to identify how many people are in the room and viewing the content, thus forcing you to pay-per-person. The rumours of the Next Xbox requiring an internet connection to play games are looking more plausible in light of these recent leaks, though we hope it’s not the case.

If these rumours do turn out to be true and the Next Xbox will require an online connection to even play games, I can’t see that pleasing many, especially those who don’t have access to reliable and fast internet.

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What do you make of these latest leaks? Would you mind an always online console? Or would it put you off it completely? Let us know down below.

Source: TheVerge

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