Rumour: Next Xbox Logo & Presentation Material Leaked Online

next xbox logo 5Heads up Xbox fans, there’s some big news incoming.

Logos and presentation pieces supposedly from the Power Point presentation that Microsoft has prepared for their meeting have made their way online, supposedly showing a console “without borders” and diagrams showing how the console is the “connected” console for all devices.

Check out the images below:

next xbox logo 4 next xbox logo 5 next xbox logo next xbox logo2 next xbox logo3

It’s worth pointing out at this time that this is just rumour, and probably will remain so until the actual meeting. Also, if you direct your peepers back up to the images above, you’ll notice that the controller symbol is drastically different to the traditional Xbox 360 controller. The Next Xbox controller is supposedly to remain largely unchanged with the analogue sticks and buttons all staying in their usual places. The images above show the controller design with the analogue sticks bearing a similar placement to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 controller whereas the directional pad is where the face buttons usually sit and vice versa.

This could either be an intentional design by Microsoft, or it’s a slip up by whomever created the above images, if they are fake that is.

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What do you think? Another elaborate hoax or the real deal?


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