Rumour: Project Gotham Racing 5 To Be A Launch Title For Xbox 720?

pgr5Rumours and secrecy are once again the order of the day, just with a different flavour. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve heard hundreds of rumours about the inevitable reveal of the “next-generation” of home consoles, and even more so over the last few days after Sony teased us with the “Future of Playstation” clip, indication a reveal of the PS4 on February 20th.

Today though, the rumour is nothing Sony or Playstation 4, but instead points toward the Xbox 720 and a potential launch title.

Fans of the long forgotten Project Gotham Racing series will be happy to hear that a U.K based studio is apparently hard at work creating the fifth entry into the cool racer series.

The developer, Lucid Dreams has apparently been working on the title with the aim to get it out alongside the Xbox 720 (that name ‘Xbox 720’ isn’t confirmed, it’s just easier to type.)

Those of you who have been missing the realistic racer and being rewarded with Kudo’s points, I’ve no doubt this comes as good news, good news backed up even further when you visit the developers webpage, where you will find an image of a road, probably a London one judging by the red phone box, and then a sign stating “Road Opens 2013.”project-gotham

Personally, I’d have loved to have seen another Project Gotham Racing on the Xbox 360, PGR 3 and PGR4 were both fantastic and are what brought me into racing games. Hopefully this rumour and, for want of a better word – evidence – point toward a new PGR game.

Further more, it more or less tells us that the Xbox 720 is coming this year. After such a long break between PGR 4, I doubt that PGR 5 will be coming out on the Xbox 360, else surely we would have heard something?

Still, these are all rumours until we hear official statements and all that other official stuff. Sometimes it’s more fun not knowing, to hear a rumour or some far out story and let your imagination get the better of you. Well, that’s just me…

What do you think of this one? Plausible rumor? Or do you think it’s cadswallop? Will PGR 5 be coming to the Xbox 720, or do you think it’s a Xbox 360 title? Either way, let us know what you think in the comments below.