SanDisk Plans for Huge 6TB and 8TB SSD’s for 2016

Just recently we have been taken back by just how much Samsung is pushing it’s limits with their technology surrounding SSD’s, now consumers have the ability to purchase of some of the largest SSD’s on the market such as the Samsung 2TB 850 EVO/pro. SanDisk want to blow that 2TB out the water with them planning on releasing two huge SSD’s in 2016, a 6TB one and a 8TB one.

The 6-8TB SSD’s will soon take over people’s PC’s with some people not even bothering with the purchase of HDD due to the fact that HDD’s are much slower and appear to not be increasing in speed nor storage capacity. A HDD now days maxes out in storage of around 8 -10 TB which is still a decent amount, but hopefully we can see a jump in the HDD market with a release of maybe a 12TB HDD or even a 15TB HDD, this might give people a reason to stick around on HDD’s instead of converting over to SDD’s. With SSD’s already being so much more faster than HDD’s it makes sense to stop targeting speed and instead move ahead and target the capacity of each of the drives, this may or may not see the demise of HDD’s but the near future will definitely tell as soon as we reach 2016.


Source: WCCFtech

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