Satellite Reign Gets a Fancy New Teaser Trailer; Releasing This August 28th

5 Lives’ cyberpunk real-time strategy title Satellite Reign has finally been given a solid release date after spending what seems like an age in Steam’s Early Access program.

For those who’re not too familiar with Satellite Reigns, here’s the low down. Players control a squad of four agents in a beautifully crafted neon-lit open-world. You’ll guide your elite squad through the city, though there’s no “right” way to play. You can go in armed to the teeth like cyberpunk Rambo’s, or sneakily navigate your way to your objectives like, well, a sneaky cyberpunk Rambo.

It’s been in Early Access for a while and we’ve been booting the game up a couple of times a week to check out the latest updates and, from what we’ve seen so far, it’s looking mighty good. The game has been given a release date, too – August 28th.

satellite reign image satellite reign zRYwF0Z

While the developers haven’t released a full-on balls-to-the-wall trailer to really sell the game, the team has put together a splendid little teaser to whet the appetites of those who’ve yet to enjoy the game. You can peep the trailer down below.