Save 33% on GTA V for PC With Steam

If you’ve not already tried your hand at being a criminal mastermind with Rockstar’s phenomenal GTA V, then now might be the best time to do so – if you’re a PC player.

PC gamers who use the Steam client to download and play their games can snap up GTA V for a fairly decent price as the title is reduced by 33% making it a palatable $39.99 or £26.79. Not a bad price, right? You’ll have to be quick though as the deal is only live until July 27th.

Buy here from Steam.

PC users also get a fairly better deal than their console brethren by the fact that the PC version of GTA V is considered the most advanced edition available, plus the free mods by the community really can extend the enjoyment of a relatively old game. Give it five years and we reckon GTA V will still have a very healthy online community due to user-made mods and the like. Just look at GTA IV and how it’s still going strong all these years after release.

For console players who’re looking for a good deal on GTA V, you may want to consider Amazon’s current price of $49.99. Yes, it’s not exactly cheap, but you could always buy used or trade in a couple of your older titles to fund your crime spree…

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