When Will Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Get Pokemon Home Support?

Wondering when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will get Pokemon Home support? Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are not the first games to lack access to many previous Pokemon, owing to the sheer number that exist across the series. Pokemon Home is a useful app for both mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch that allows you to store and transfer Pokemon, but it is not yet compatible with the new games. Here is everything we know so far about when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will get Pokemon Home support.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Pokemon Home: When Is Support Coming?

The exact date for Pokemon Home integration with the ninth-generation games is not yet known. However, a time frame has been confirmed, and we shouldn’t have too long to wait. According to the Pokemon website, Pokemon Home is getting some big updates early in 2023. There will be a big expansion to how much battle data you can view through the app, including trainer rankings, frequently used Pokemon, most frequently used moves and abilities, and much more.

Also, in Spring of 2023, Pokemon Home will receive support for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This means that Pokemon can be transferred between the app and the ninth-generation games. Pokemon Home has more options for trading Pokemon, and with this update, we will be able to use the new Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to trade with.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Pokemon Home: How Does It Work?

Pokemon Home is a central app that allows you to store and manage your Pokemon in one place. It was first introduced during the transition from the 3DS to the Nintendo Switch, and served as a way to get Pokemon from one generation to the next. There have often been ways to accomplish this, but Home was different. Pokemon Home is more of a permanent companion app to the Pokemon games, with each new mainline game being integrated with it.

Pokemon Home is a great place to keep many of your Pokemon throughout the games, as they can quickly and easily be moved from the app to the games. Hence the reason why its integration with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is so highly anticipated, it means players can bring their Pokemon from previous games into the new ones.

Unfortunately, technological limits mean that not all Pokemon can be brought into the new games, but the app will clearly designate which Pokemon are and are not compatible.

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