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Shuhei Explains Why We Didn’t See Many Big Announcements at PlayStation Experience

The PlayStation Experience 2015 keynote conference was full of splendor, but not everyone appreciated what was shown. Many complained that too few first-party games were shown during the conference and that the keynote seemed to focus on smaller games and indies.

According to Shuhei Yoshida, that was the plan all along and that our expectations were wrong. Cheers, Shu. Telling it like it is…

Yoshida stated that this year has probably been the biggest year in terms of big announcements in his career, something we’re not going to question. He also said that Sony plans its shows and that E3 and Paris Games Week were planned for big-name announcements and that PlayStation Experience was always going to focus on the smaller games and indies.

We’re not complaining, though, as everyone in The Games Cabin seems fairly content with what was shown at PSX.

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  1. Pr spin. They should of had more games. This was an exact repeat of E3. PS4 is starting to remind me more and more of the Wii. Hot start then goes out with a dud.

          1. And all of them got announced for PC.

            And PS4 lost even more exclusives today

            Poor rscottycuck being completely and utterly destroyed

          2. That’s something I noticed. I was hoping they would just cut the crap and start saying “Not on Xbox” instead of “Exclusive to PS4 & PC”. That defeats the purpose of exclusive IMO.

      1. Oh you mean how Shenmue the megaton still has no release date and how FF7 remake is also coming to other platforms? If you think that’s a demolition then I have a bridge to sell you.

      2. More like a Repeat of E3 2010 with the PSVR failing on stage like the Kinect

        Oh and the only repeat from E3 2015 was anything worthwhile like Ni No Kuni 2 and KOFXIV was also on PC so pointless to buy a POS4

        Try not to flood your mothers basement with tears Rscottycuck :)

    1. They’ve already announced an unbelievable amount of games(that are slated for next year even) on previous events so the fact that they still had a few announcements left for PSX is already astounding.

      1. A lot of indie games from 3rd parties that will end up on another console. Not enough first party investment. But that’s what happens when you get cocky because your sales lead. They’ll never learn

        1. Just indie games? Did you not watch or hear any of their announcements or their events or conferences? They have a huge number of big games from big developers. Some might not be first party but are still console exclusive to Ps4. And yes some of them are on other PS consoles but the fact is it’s also on the Ps4 and the apparent best version is also the ps4 version. Also considering a lot of ps4 owners don’t have any other PS console.

          1. There was no first party investment. Already knew about Uncharted which we’ve seen a million times and Ratchet and Clank. It wasn’t very impressive for the current industry leader.

          2. What do you mean no first party investment? Is PS VR not a first party investment? They announced a ton of games exclusive to that. In case you missed any of these first party games too: Gravity rush 2, The Last Guardian, The Tomorrow Children, MLB 16 The Show, Drawn to Death, Kill Strain, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dreams, New Hot Shot Golf, Matterfall, Gran Turismo Sport, Uncharted 4, Deep Down(SCE Japan studio) and many more I forgot, and I didn’t even include the smaller endeavors of the same first party studios making those games. Those and the 2nd and 3rd party PS exclusive titles and what else do you expect from them? Or do you want me to list PS exclusive 2nd party and 3rd party games as well that are NOT coming to PC and other non PS console?

          3. You’re happy with that and that’s good for you. 90% of those games aren’t out and don’t have a release date. Some only appeal to a niche fanbase. Horizon is one I’m keeping my eye on. Problem is a good wealth or great software has already come out on competing platforms. Andrew house even said the offerings were sparse so at that point there is nothing left to debate. They are playing catch up on the software front.

          4. OH were you talking about released games? I thought you were talking about upcoming games. Anyhow, I’m satisfied with even this years released games but I understand if many aren’t. But with their upcoming line-up I just don’t see any other consoles lineup even coming close to it.

          5. Nope. Its release date is unfortunately still TBA. I think they’ve talking about it on some small events and presentations though but recently the developers have been promoting Deadlight more which is their other game. Hopefully we get more info next year.

          6. I’m also looking forward to Rime alongside Wild and No Man’s sky. Hopefully they all become huge successes like Journey or even more successful. See? Many Indie games have content and quality that rivals and sometimes surpasses triple A games with big budgets and teams. I hope to see more games like them in the future.

          7. Well I don’t have a problem with indie games. My issue is when you are selling millions upon millions of consoles and you are pushing indie games from 3rd parties as if you have no money to fund more first party games. There is no reason why we shouldn’t have a downloadable twisted metal game, a new siphon filter, Sly cooper, heavenly sword so on. Some of my favorite games are indie such as Ori and the blind forest, castle crashers, Shadow complex etc. See the thing is the console manufacturers get cocky once they get a lead or become a leader. Microsoft got cocky last gen and it has bit them in the ass. Rather than listen to fans 3-4 years ago, they decided they would invest in kinect and slack off on 1st party investment and listen to 3rd parties regarding drm and now they are getting their ass kicked. On the brigter side it led to phil taking over and putting out truly great content since then. But this gen is not even halfway over and sony is relaxing. It’s sad when you have to admit to sparse offerings on the 1st party front after selling 30 million consoles. Soon sony may find themselves in trouble again if they don’t start releasing more software to prove they deserved to sell 30 million. My playstation days date back to 98. I haven’t been happy with what I’ve seen on the platform. People think I’m happy but I’m just keeping it real. I think the one and wii u have outdone then on the software front. I gave microsoft sh*t from 2012-2013 during that kinect focus. I gave nintendo crap before this year because they always have droughts, their planning has been terrible. And the current gen leader hasn’t done enough in my opinion to warrant the hype. Next year there will be a lot of good software but we had to wait over 2 years with a few solid games sprinkled in here and there.

          8. It is ultimately subjective. There are millions of satisfied PS4 owners and of course a fair share of disappointed ones. But to me, I am more than satisfied of what I have. I don’t base it on which is first party or not but basically on what I can play on the console and I have a ton to play and even a lot more to anticipate next year. Sony might have slacked a bit this year in releases but I see no such thing for next year.

        1. It’s only on playstation when it’s only on ps consoles. They say “console exclusive” when its also on PC. Anyway, my point still stands even with the consideration of yours.

          1. Dude, it isn’t coming to PC. The original didn’t and from what I have look up there is no indication that it is coming to PC other than that and I am pretty sure before showing the game they said exclusive to PS4

      1. Literally the only fucking source that is telling Ni No Kuni 2 is coming to PC are the comments. I googled and didnt find any type of confirmation.

        Misinformation infuriates me.

  2. And even though they had nothing of substance to show for ps4, Sony still completely ignored Vita. It’s way past of even offensive by now, I hate Yoshida with all my heart.

    1. They already said time and time again that they have abandoned the vita. So why hate him when there’s no first party vita showing at these events?
      The vita is dead according to sony. The most you can expect now (and thankfully so) are third party titles mainly in the form of jrpgs and indies (with some others like rhythm games, fighting games and visual novels).

      Anyways as for the event itself, it was a bit underwhelming. But then again I was pretty hyped up and expected a ton of first party titles. Still imo the best news from the event were ni no kuni 2 and yakuza 0 announcement. Lastly I would consider ni no kuni 2 to be my highlight of this year since the first game was awesome!

      1. I’m obviously not even talking about first-party, but yes, the whole situation with vita and sony’s cynical approach is enough to hate him with all your heart and wish sony as a corporation the worst. Why bother to even negotiate localizations like Yakuza (ps nova, in vita’s case) or port relevant indies when you can just laugh your vita-users off as idiots who are not worthy of mentioning when you have a clearly excessive amount of shows nowadays. Great stuff. #4theplayers

        1. I love my vita (bought the 3g version day one) and while I don’t regret my purchase, I do feel that the vita has a lot of underutilized potential and this makes me sad.
          I’ll agree with you here, if they can negotiate for yakuza’s localization then they should’ve done something for ps nova (I’ve been wanting to play this game for a long time but don’t want to import it and then use a translation guide just to enjoy it). But yeah like I said, they’ve abandoned the vita and no amount of pr talk could hide that fact from us vita gamers. Also with Shahid Kamal leaving I don’t think there’s anyone left at sony who knows what a vita is…

    1. Quality or quantity. No xbox or nintendo fan gives a damn about all those hi res mobile games that add to that false higher number. And with backwards compat the one list is much bigger.

      1. and you just showed your colors moving goal post again but i will bit ps4 also has the higher overall metacritic score so that was just got flushed ahead make up some more bs i will wait

        1. I don’t care what a metacritic states. That site wasn’t even around during the ps2 era. The same sites give the same call of duty 9/10 every year. That holds no weight.

          1. no see it does you said quality of quantity and guess what you need a place with a average in order 2 prove it has a better quality so unless you can find one with a overall average and not your opinion you lose

  3. Shuhei basically just slapped these ponies in the face and said “get yo mind right you stinking pony


    The Ps4 community responds…..
    “We’re not complaining, though, as everyone in The Games Cabin seems fairly content with what was shown at PSX”.
    ” At least it has 30 million sales and all those genesis games will be in 1080p.”
    The Genesis Station 4…. Greatness Waits…. and waits….. and waits and keeps waiting.
    ( I’m just bustin your pony balls a little, don’t take it so serious. Don’t worry the internet will run a bunch of articles this week telling you guys how the Ps4 is selling better than ever and it has higher resolution games. I’m sure that will make you happy).

    1. I have owned every playstation console up til this point. The PS4 is by far the worst content wise. The hype train continues to propel sales. They put out remasters not remakes and they eat it up. Charge them 15 for old a$$ ps2 games and you can’t even change your psn id. There is no new ip investment yet they claim it’s the best platform. It is a leader in console sales but the xbox one and wii u have better software and it’s not even close.

    1. We got bloodborne, until dawn, tearaway, disgaea 5, tales of zestiria, uncharted collection, All of these are amazing, The only ps game that fell short was the order.

  4. It was fine by me. Really, PlayStation Experience felt more personal this year. It felt like Sony were actually talking to us rather than putting on a light and camera show for the press and media. I wish they would have had a big announcement to close out the show, like ‘Goddess of War’ everyone thought was coming, based on the tease by Sony Santa Monica, or closed the show with Uncharted, instead of opening the show the Uncharted but, the rest of the show was just fine. Be grateful we got something else this year. That’s a lot of great stuff announced this year to give us something to look forward to next year.

  5. I felt the conference was just OK, not great, considering that they still announced more exclusives for the ps4 than the xbone and wiiu had in their post E3 conferences that’s good. But all the sites hyped the conferences with their predictions so obviously we started expecting more.

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