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Shuhei Yoshida: I Don’t Know Why Shawn Layden Wore Crash Bandicoot T-Shirt; PSX Favourite Show of Year

Earlier today, during the PlayStation Experience 2015 keynote conference, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Shawn Layden took the stage in some rather strange attire. Instead of donning his usual sharp suit, Layden decided to wear a PlayStation-branded t-shirt with the iconic Crash Bandicoot on the front.

Many, including your hosts here at The Games Cabin, thought that it was finally going to happen: a revival of Crash Bandicoot on the PS4. Unfortunately that announcement never came. The internet cried. We cried. Everyone cried. Layden well and truly trolled the world. Cheeky blighter…

During the “PS I Love You” panel at PlayStation Experience 2015, Gregg Miller questioned Shuhei Yoshida on Layden’s choice of attire during the conference and if it was hinting something. According to the likable president, Yoshida didn’t know he was going to wear it on stage and doesn’t know what it was referring to, or if it was actually referring to anything at all. Even the PlayStation Blog manager didn’t have anything and merely reiterated Yoshida’s sentiment.

In addition, Yoshida stated that this year’s PSX was his favourite show of the year. Sorry Shu, but with the ultimate tease of Crash Bandicoot and then being left salivating, we’re not gonna echo your thoughts on this one.

We suspect Layden knew exactly what he was doing. Layden, don’t. Mate, just don’t. You’re only setting yourself up for a roasting from Crash fans.

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  1. That’s like asking why did Joe Bloggs wear a blue tie with his suit. He probably wore a Crash Bandicoot t-shirt because he’s a fan. Pointless if you ask me.

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