Site Stuff: The Games Cabin is Splitting Into Two New Sites

Hello there, readers! In case you’re blissfully unaware, my name is Chris Harding and I’m the guy who runs/owns The Games Cabin. I’ve been doing this gig since October 2012, so that’s almost four years of my life dedicated to this one site. How time passes one by…

A little earlier in the year I opened two new websites: Pure PlayStation for all news PlayStation related, and Absolute Xbox for – c’mon, surely I don’t need to say it.

The idea was that The Games Cabin would be the all-rounder website that reported on everything gaming while Pure PlayStation and Absolute Xbox dealt only with their respective consoles. It turns out I bit off way more than I could chew and I could not swallow it. As it stands, The Games Cabin is struggling to keep up to date with the latest news on everything gaming due to the site’s goal of covering everything from PlayStation to Xbox to handhelds to PC; it’s just not doable.

Since the two new websites launched earlier this year, numbers have been encouraging and it seems that my initial thoughts were correct. See, most people who go online to look for their gaming news only want to read about the consoles that are relevant to them. Back before I started video game writing I had an Xbox 360, so naturally I searched for Xbox-centric sites, then when I changed over to PlayStation I searched out PlayStation-centric sites. Why would I want to know what’s going on with Xbox when I only have PlayStation, and vice-versa.

It makes sense, then, that it’d be a much more manageable task to have two websites dedicated to single platforms than one website trying to cover everything with minimum staff.

This hasn’t been an easy decision – not by a long shot – but it’s one that I feel will be better for myself and our readers in the long-term. With dedicated sites it’s easier to keep on top of the latest news without getting bogged down by other stuff that’s barely relevant. So, from this day forth, The Games Cabin is done. Dead. Buried. Kaput. Burned to the ground. So what will happen with all of our best material? We’ve written a fair few reviews and feature pieces that really don’t deserve to be lumped in the digital bin (though a few probably do). Over the next week or two I’ll personally be going through our archives to find every review and feature that’s worth preserving. They’ll be moved over to Pure PlayStation and Absolute Xbox depending on their content e.g Halo 5: Guardians review wouldn’t go down too well on Pure PlayStation, and I don’t think that our musings on The Order: 1886 being a decent game would be all that relevant on Absolute Xbox.

It’s been a long, hard, stressful, fun, annoying, depressing, uplifting and so many other things, but it’s time to turn the oil lamps off, close the door and walk off into the woods with The Games Cabin firmly behind. It’s a sad day for me, personally; I’ve literally put hundreds of hours into the site as well as hundreds, if not thousands of pounds (£) into keeping it going. I’m sad to see my baby outgrow me, but maybe I’ve outgrown it, too.

Farewell, my dears, see you on Pure PlayStation and Absolute Xbox.

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