Site Stuff: The Games Cabin Will Be Reducing Output For a Few Days

Hello readers! This is a quick message from the guy in charge, Chris Harding. We’ve been doing a decent job at keeping you up to date with the latest gaming news and what not, but that’s going to change for the next week or two.

See, around nine months ago I had a bit of a roll around in bed with the lady of the house and now we’re having a baby. The little sod is due to drop out at any moment and as such I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to provide the latest news in our usual timely manner.

The site has a few staff, though the majority of the breaking news is written by myself, so with me out of action due to ‘Daddy Duties’, there won’t be quite as many updates as normal. This shouldn’t be a long-term thing, but for the first couple of weeks of little Charlie’s life (yes, he’s a boy!) I’d like to focus on keeping him alive, and if that means The Games Cabin starves a little bit, then so be it.

I hope that you’ll understand, and I thank you for understanding, even if you don’t understand. Understand?

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