So, Yakuza 5 Might Not Be Releasing Mid-November

Earlier today SEGA posted a notice that Yakuza 5 will be arriving mid-November. The post went on the explain that there were a few issues in localising the game for the west, and that’s why it’s taking a bit longer than anticipated.

Oddly enough, if you head over to the SEGA blog now, there’s no mention of Yakuza 5 coming in mid-November at all. It could be a number of things: the author may not have been allowed to give a release window; the release window was wrong; SEGA doesn’t want anyone knowing when it’s going to release because they want it to be a nice big surprise that’d see it go unnoticed for a week until someone stumbles upon on by mistake.

From here, it looks like somebody simply jumped the gun and SEGA doesn’t want people getting worked up for something that might not happen at the time that was stated by the company. It’d reflect badly on the firm and at this point in time SEGA doesn’t really need any more bad publicity. Those Sonic games were enough, thanks.

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