Some Skill Beast Has Beaten Dark Souls’ Toughest Bosses Using Only Voice Commands

Gamers are an odd bunch, aren’t they? Well, we know because we’re just as strange, but only half as talented. Seriously, we’ve seen some incredible feats pulled off by dedicated players who take silly challenges to the next level and beyond.

Take this one for example: Youtube user “gbbearzly” has managed to beat Dark Souls’ toughest bosses using only his voice. No, he didn’t sing them to death with some cheeky hack, but he did use voice commands to lay waste to the demonic monsters. It’s difficult enough using a proper controller or keyboard and mouse set-up, so the fact he’s managed to do it with his voice is nothing short of remarkable. Okay, it’s hardly curing cancer, but it’s something interesting to tell the lads down the pub/office/school yard/sand pit.

He must have needed some lozenges after that… Bloody skill beast. We salute you.