How To Unlock The True Final Boss In Sonic Frontiers

Did you know that Sonic Frontiers has a true final boss that can be accessed in a tricky, yet simple way? Here’s how to do that.
Sonic Frontiers Parry
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Sonic Frontiers, to some, may have a disappointing ending, but you can make it better by unlocking the true final boss in the game. There’s a simple way to unlock this new battle, so read up and get ready for this fight in Sonic Frontiers.

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How To Fight The True Final Boss In Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Change Difficulty
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Many players might have played Sonic Frontiers under a Normal difficulty. It is the one that’s most recommended by the game itself. However, to unlock the last challenging fight in Sonic Frontiers, you’ll need to alter the difficulty to Hard.

In order to do that, boot up a save just before collecting the last chaos emerald in Ouranos Island. Press the Start Button (Options on PS5, for example), and then use your controller’s should buttons to head from “Skills” to the “Options” tab. Next, go to “Game Settings” and alter the Difficulty below from Easy or Medium to Hard.

General Tips for Final Boss

Sonic Frontiers The End
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Once you have altered the difficulty to Hard, follow the same path as normal. Collect the last chaos emerald with the vault keys you’ve obtained and you’ll be sent into space. Instead of a simple quick-time event, you’re forced into a boss fight, which is the black moon. It gets a bit crazy, however, as Sonic Frontiers suddenly turns into a bullet hell showdown.

Our first tip is to constantly switch between the white and black lasers. There will be a barrage sent towards you, so make sure you space out these lasers for your best chance to defend yourself and to take out the corresponding coloured sparks in the air.

Next, you’ll want to move in a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion. You’ll be able to avoid fire faster and can move at a moment’s notice. This comes from a lot of gummi ship experience in the Kingdom Hearts series, trust me. Seriously though, where’s Shadow when you need him?

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