Sonic Frontiers: How To Drain The Water

Draining the water in Sonic Frontiers is more purplexing than it needs to be. Here’s how to perform this action.
Drain the Water Sonic Frontiers
Screenshot by The Games Cabin

Water is Sonic’s worst enemy, but this hedgehog can get his revenge with the Drain The Water mission in Sonic Frontiers. Here’s how to complete this vague quest and get to the next part of the Sonic Frontiers story.

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How To Get Rid of The Water In Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Cyloop
Screenshot by The Games Cabin

When you first approach this quest by Knuckles, you’ll see a rocket-like structure and a huge triangular stone in the air held up by a chain. The first step is to encircle the rocket with Sonic’s new ability the Cyloop. After this process, Sonic will begin to carry the object. You’ll only have a specific amount of time, so try to make your way to the opposite ruins building as fast as you can. There is a place where you can aim the rocket at this location.

Draining The Water Sonic Frontiers
Screenshot by The Games Cabin

Once the rocket is in place, you’ll be at an aiming screen. Move the rocket up with the left analogue stick and aim at the centre of the triangular stone as pointed out in the above picture. Hitting the metal chain will not help you. After performing this action with the cross button (A on Xbox), the water will then flush away and reveal a secret dungeon. This puzzle is cryptic at first but can easily be solved once you know where to look.

Can The Cyloop Be Upgraded?

There are multiple ways that the cyloop can be upgraded. First, upgrading your speed stat in Sonic Frontiers will make it faster to pull off. After revisiting Kronos Island after levelling up, battles that require the cyloop certainly became easier.

There is an ability that can be unlocked in the skill tree called Quick Cyloop. After pressing the triangle button (Y on Xbox) while performing a combo, a cyloop is automatically placed around an enemy. It’s useful in battle and will let you outwit your foes. Sonic Boom is also an ability you should unlock first.

If you want to be more successful in battle, strengthening Sonic’s defence in Sonic Frontiers is also a good idea.