Sonic Frontiers: How To Get Purple Coins

Fishing in Sonic Frontiers could actually turn the tides in the hedgehog’s progression, but you’ll need purple coins first.
Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins
Image via Sega

Purple coins in Sonic Frontiers are a unique item to collect as they allow you to fish alongside Big The Cat in dedicated spots. Fishing allows you to gain special rewards, upgrades, and even trophies/achievements, but you’ll first need to find these purple coins. Here’s how to get them in Sonic Frontiers.

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Where To Find Purple Coins In Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Meteor Shower
Screenshot by The Games Cabin

There are multiple ways you can collect purple coins in Sonic Frontiers. The most accessible way is to find them around ruins and old architecture. They’re rarer to find than most collectables like vault keys and portal gears, but if you look around every nook and cranny of the main building entryways, you should be able to spot them.

The most effective way to gain purple coins, however, is by taking part in a random event, in which a meteor shower hits the ground. You’ll see all manner of colourful rocks on the ground. Pick them up and it will start a slots game.

It’s very odd to experience in Sonic Frontiers as the UI blocks your view of the game but it is also lucrative for purple coins. If you’re able to match up the symbols three in a row you’ll gain a lot of purple coins in the process. Each attempt will give you at least one purple coin so keep trying.

  • It would be easy if a friend could collect purple coins for you as you explore more of the open world. Is there Sonic Frontiers multiplayer functionality, however?

Why Fishing Is So Important In Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Fishing Mini Game
Screenshot by The Games Cabin

Once you have the purple coins, you do not want to ignore the fishing mini-game with Big The Cat. You’ll get tokens for collecting each fish and you’re handsomely rewarded, depending on what you catch. It’s a very fast process to get dozens of tokens. With this currency, you can actually progress through the game quickly and perhaps even ignore some cyberspace levels.

You can buy portal gears, memory tokens, vault keys, and much more. You can even strengthen Sonic with the red seeds of power and blue seeds of defense that are offered by Big The Cat. It’s actually kinda broken and gives Sonic Frontiers players other options than platforming and exploring the world.

Heck, fishing can also unlock fast travel between the Hermit and Elder Koco if you’re able to pull out any scrolls.

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