Sonic Frontiers: How To Get Skill Points

Unlock abilities like the Homing Shot, Spin Slash, and Stomp Attack by getting Skill Points in Sonic Frontiers.
Sonic Frontiers Skill Points
Image via Sega

Who knew that Sonic the Hedgehog would have a skill tree? In Sonic Frontiers, you can apply skill points to gain new abilities like Sonic Boom and the Homing Shot. Here’s how to get these tiny, but valuable blue collectables in Sonic Frontiers.

Where To Find Skill Points in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Skill Points Location
Screenshot by The Games Cabin

Skill Points in Sonic Frontiers allow you to gain new abilities under the new Skill Tree. If you pause the game with the start button (options button on PlayStation systems), you’ll instantly see what you can unlock. On the bottom right of the screen, you’ll see the Skill Points you currently have. On every move that’s available, the Skill Point cost is outlined below the picture.

To gain Skill Points throughout the open zones of Sonic Frontiers, there are multiple methods. The first includes you reaching high-up platforms and finding metal boxes. Most of them can be crushed under Sonic’s feet and fists. The best way to deal with these boxes is to jump up and press the circle button (B on Xbox), so the hedgehog can stomp them with great force. This is the best way to gain Skill Pieces for Skill Points as they usually drop enough for 1-5 Skill Points. Sega really rewards players who explore so look under every nook and cranny of each open zone.

Another way to gain Skill Points is by defeating general enemies and bosses in the area. They’re usually indicated by a red icon on the above mini-map. General enemies, however, drop very few Skill Points while bosses can give you a great boost.

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Is The Air Trick Ability Handy?

Sonic Frontiers Air Trick
Screenshot by The Games Cabin

One of the skills you can unlock is Air Trick. It lets Sonic earn Skill Pieces by doing tricks in the air. While the ability is easy to pull off by flicking the left analogue stick over and over while jumping at high heights, it’s actually not worth performing. At best, you’ll be able to get a measly 50-100 Skill Pieces while airborne, which barely moves the needle for unlocking Skill Points.

The Stomp Attack and Loop Kick are useful skills later down that side of the tree, but we recommend sticking to the left side first. At least the extremely helpful parry is available at the very beginning of the game.