Sonic Frontiers: Who Is Sage?

Sage in Sonic Frontiers is a mysterious figure we’ve never seen before. Her existence however is quite important.
Who Is Sage Sonic Frontiers
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Sage is one of the strangest villains in the Sonic franchise. She is a robot that wants the hedgehog to leave and give up on saving his friends. With teleportation powers and dark energy seeping through her, who exactly is Sage in Sonic Frontiers? We answer that below.

Who Exactly Is Sage In Sonic Frontiers?

Sage Sonic Frontiers
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At first, you think that Sage is a construct formed by the civilization that disappeared many years ago on these islands. However, this robot in Sonic Frontiers was actually created by Dr. Eggman. We won’t exactly explain her purpose or connection to the bellied doctor, but she is important to the story.

Sage seems to have been created to travel between dimensions, the islands, and then the cyberspace realm in which Dr. Eggman is trapped. Strangely, Sonic the Hedgehog can go between both as well, but it comes with a cost. Sage is also highly mathematical and she predicts the future through calculations. Dr. Eggman is stuck in cyberspace, so he asks her to find a way to get him out. He eventually doesn’t like Sage’s advice as Sonic Frontiers heads into the third act.

Is Sage A Boss In Sonic Frontiers?

Sonic Frontiers Vault Keys
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Despite her being an ever-present antagonist throughout the game, Sage does not emerge as a boss that Sonic can defeat in Sonic Frontiers. We won’t spoil exactly what her motives are, but a fight with Sage never comes to be. She’s an intriguing antagonist in the game that shows a side of Dr. Eggman we have never seen before.

Even though Sage is not a boss in Sonic Frontiers, there are other big and exciting battles in which the Blue Blur will participate. You’ll need all of the chaos emeralds of each zone in order to start them, and they’re tough to complete, especially the first one Giganto. You’ll also need to complete some challenging cyberspace levels to get enough vault keys and beat difficult mini-bosses to get Portal Gears. However, if you want a more relaxing experience, you can get both of these items by fishing.