Sony Announces Offical Price Cut for PS4 in UK and Europe £299/€349

We all saw it coming (and we even reported it well before the official announcement) and it has finally happened: Sony has announced a price cut for the PS4 in the UK and Europe.

The new RRP for the next-generation home console will now stand at £299.99 in the UK and €349 in mainland Europe – though many retailers in Europe are selling them well below the RRP from today.

To be honest, we’re not in the least surprised by the announcement – if anything we’re surprised it didn’t come much sooner.

So there you have it. The PS4 has had its price cut all around the world. Happy days indeed.

Has the new RRP got you interested in getting a PS4, or will you be waiting for retailers to start fighting over the business with bundles?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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